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Warranty and Returns

WARRANTY - BMSG LLC, warrants to the purchaser that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase from BMSG LLC.

If your product has a manufacturing defect please send us an email with the following:

-Copy of the receipt from the online shop

-Photos of the product: Close Up and Complete

The warranty period for defects that can be discovered by the buyer shall start as the delivery of the products.

The Buyer shall be obliged to inspect the products immediately after their arrival at the point of destination. Delivery shall be deemed accepted if BMSG LLC does not receive a written notice of defect within 6 business days, or in case of hidden defects, within 3 months, after the arrival of the products at the point of destination. 

The Buyer shall notify BSMG LLC forthwith and in writing of any defects discovered and in any case, no later than 6 business days after delivery or notification by the end user.

The warranty shall not cover any parts subject to normal wear and tear. Should the notice of defect be legitimate, BMSG LLC may, at its option, request that: a) if the product can be fixed by the Buyer, BSMG LLC will send all necessary repairs parts for the Buyer to fix the defect; b) that the product be returned freight prepaid to the Seller for repair; or c) that the Buyer arrange for the repair by a qualified local entity and invoice BMSG LLC for any approved costs incurred. Non-conforming products shall be returned to the Seller, with the original delivery note or a copy thereof. The above provisions shall be the exclusive warranty given by the Seller for its products.  Except with respect to the foregoing warranty, no other warranty claims may be brought against the Seller.   

RETURN / EXCHANGES - Sometimes you didn't order the correct size or need to exchange a product for something else. New and unused gear can be returned within 30 days of delivery for store credit. If you want to change it for a different size or product the customer needs to pay the freight to return the product and BMSG LLC will cover the freight to deliver the exchange. Send us an email and we will guide you through the process for return or exchange